Redefining the Meme Token Culture with RoboApe Token

RoboApe Token is a futuristic meme token that addresses economic shackles, making growth possible via its sustainable community development and rewarding culture.

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RoboApe Hero

What We Have Got
for RoboApe Community?

The $RBA 'RoboApe' token is a meme token poised to revolutionize the crypto space with a diverse set of services built for the community. A meme token with an exceptional utility to give back more than it takes, starting with the $RBA, by providing a DeFi platform for meme and crypto enthusiasts.

RoboApe Academy
RoboApe Academy
RoboApe Academy

The RoboApe Academy will be an entirely free educational hub that will inform and educate individuals on all they need to know about cryptocurrency.

Coming Soon
Charity Games & Events
Charity Games & Events
Charity Games & Events

We will actively participate in a tonne of charitable games and events aimed at making the world a better place.

Coming Soon
Community Driven
Community Driven
Community Driven

The RoboApe community is at the core of the project. We will ensure that the voice of the Ape's are heard and listened to.

Coming Soon
RoboApe Merch
RoboApe Merch
RoboApe Merch

RoboApe would start providing exclusive RoboApe Merchandise for establishing a larger community and increasing its market hold.

Coming Soon
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RoboApe Ecosystem

For Creators
For Creators
  • Memes, Graphics, and Animations
  • Educational Content
  • Host Exclusive Events
For Developers
For Developers
  • Developing Smart Contracts
  • Developing Application
  • Platform Improvements
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Under the Hood

Individuals exploring novel experiences or services centered on meme culture that is unavailable on centralized alternatives or social media will make up a substantial section of the RoboApe ecosystem.

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RoboApe Finance

RoboApe’s $RBA is a deflationary meme coin that will provide a plethora of opportunities to interact, generate, and manage the finances in a decentralized fashion.

Burning Mechanism

A small fee will be charged for every transaction on the RoboApe platform, half of which will be burned, and the other half will be returned to wallet holders.

RoboApe NFT Marketplace

With a platform surrounding the meme culture to take meme coins to the next level, RoboApe’s community will be able to mint NFTS in the form of RoboApe cards that they can hold or sell.

RoboAPE eSports

The RoboApe ecosystem would include RoboApe eSports with community sports contests to enhance the gaming experience.

RoboApe Swap

With the RoboApe Swap, RoboApe will bridge isolated blockchain networks for enabling cross-chain token swaps.

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RoboApeRoad Map

  • Website Launch
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • RoboApe Faucet
  • RoboApe Bridges
  • RoboAPE NFT Mint
  • DEX & CEX Listing
  • RoboApe Academy
  • NFT Partnerships & Streams
  • RoboApe SWAP
  • Charity Events
  • Merch Drop
  • RoboApe Finance Rebranding
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Community Governance
  • New Community Initiatives
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$RBA Token

RoboApe NFT Marketplace:

The $RBA token holders will be able to participate in NFT trading card minting events, allowing individuals to mint NFTs for themselves.

RoboApe eSports:

The $RBA meme token will address the lack of player incentives and transparency by leveling the playfield with secure $RBA crypto token payments.

RoboApe DAO:

The $RBA token holders will take part in the platform's governance to influence the RoboApe platform's development and future upgrades.


Individuals hodling the $RBA token will get much more profits in the long term through various incentives and rewards that we will declare soon.

Details Token
  • Token TickerRBA (Erc-20)
  • Total Supply900,000,000
  • Pre-Sale17 May, 2022 - 29 August , 2022
  • Initial Price1 RBA = 0.006173 USD
  • Launch Date29 August, 2022
  • Currencies AcceptedBTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, USDT, SOL, DASH, TRX & moreBuy Uniswap
  • RBA To Sell270,000,000
Distribution Token
The $RBA token holders will be able to participate in NFT trading card minting events, allowing individuals to mint NFTs for themselves.
  • Presale
  • Exchange Listings
  • Reserve Capital
  • Marketing
  • Founders & Team
  • Dev Wallet
  • Community Fund (De-Fi, Staking, Rewards etc)
  • Advisories & Partners
  • Charity (Community Choice)
The RoboApe Team tokens are locked for the first 3 months and moderately released to a shared wallet every quarter. Tokens reserved to advisors and partners will also be locked for a 12 month period. Our reserve capital has been locked for 12months, once released it will be used to facilitate ongoing functions and future product offerings.
Phases Pre-Sale
Only 270,000,000 RBA will be issued during pre-sale stage.

17 May 2022 - 14 June 2022

162,000,000 RBA tokens available


14 June 2022 - 19 July 2022

67,500,000 - RBA tokens available


19 July 2022 - 29 August 2022

40,500,000 - RBA tokens available

RoboApe Frequently Asked Questions

RoboApe is being developed on top of Ethereum.

A total of 270 million $RBA tokens will be in circulation at the time of TGE.

The $RBA price is dynamic and will go up each time it is bought. It will start at 0.006173.

Yes, users will be required to pass the KYC requirements to whitelist in the $RBA token sale if they purchase above a certain amount.

The $RBA token sale will be held on the RoboApe website.